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Here at Bennetts we recognise and fully support the therapeutic benefits of nature and the centre has 3 accessible gardens and raised beds to allow residents of all abilities to participate in gardening or just enjoying a spot of fresh air.

All bedrooms are spacious and ensuite and can be personalised in any manner a resident desires. Once a resident moves in this is their room and the rooms may be furnished and decorated however a resident desires.

  • Each room is fully furnished
  • Welcome to bring your own items
  • Purpose-built environment for care
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Hairdressing Salon
  • Chiropodist visits
  • Cosy cinema room
  • Relaxation room
  • Dining rooms
  • Comfy sitting rooms

All our facilities are designed in a manner that caters to the latest guidance on best practice in dementia design (Stirling University.) , whether this be lighting, colour or layout with detail down to even ensuring the correct contrast between colour to support the ageing eye.


There is free Wi-Fi throughout
the building.