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The care at Bennetts Castle recognises every person as an individual with their own needs and personalities and strives to ensure their needs are met in a dignified, compassionate and person-cantered manner. Staff go out of their way to develop familiar and therapeutic relations with all our residents so they too feel part of the home family.

Nursing care at Bennetts is provided by a dedicated, qualified team under the personal supervision of the clinical manager and general manager. It is our aim to provide not only a high standard of nursing skill but a warm friendly atmosphere in this special area of nursing care that involves residents and family.

We provide a personalised care service which fully meets each individual resident’s needs and do this to a standard that embraces all the current best practice. We also seek to demonstrate the achievement of this aim consistently so that any resident, visitor, professional or regulator may witness the quality of individual care provided.


Management at Bennetts’ encourage all our staff to build personal relationships with our residents – loneliness has no place at Bennett's Castle. To this end we consistently maintain higher than industry standard staffing levels in order to afford our staff the time and resources they need to build and maintain these relationships.


There is always something going on at the centre to ensure our residents are never bored and have meaningful occupation, our activities and care teams ensure all residents have a fulfilling day and encourage all loved ones to actively participate and contribute to the familial atmosphere. Staff also buddy up residents and promote socialisation to minimise the isolation many older people feel.