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We believe that interesting food and a healthy diet are fundamental to the high quality of care we provide. Each day our chef prepares attractive and appetising meals with fresh produce, with choices to suit your preferences.

Personal dietary advice is always available, and we will always consult a qualified dietician for special diets. Whether for health, religious, cultural or preference reasons, we can meet your individual needs.


Our chef will speak to you regularly to ascertain your preferences, and to seek your comments on the food. We are always striving to make improvements to our menus and food service as part of our quality policy.

Meals can be served in the dining room or in your own room at your choice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at regular times, but these times can be varied at your request. Snacks are available at any time, day or night.

A few sample menu items to whet your appetite …

Download our new menu here